All the participants from foreign countries should confirm whether to require the entry-visa or not. For example, the participants from China, India and Russia need the entry-visa. For details, please refer to the "Guide to Japanese Visas" Section II, "Exemption of Visas" in the MOFA* homepage. For particular details, please contact your nearest Japanese diplomatic mission directly.
*MOFA: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[1] ・Germany
・United Kingdom
([Note 8]) For nationals of those countries with visa exemptions permitting stays of up to 6 months under the bilateral visa exemption arrangements, those who wish to stay in Japan for more than 90 days are required to apply for an extension of the period of stay to the Ministry of Justice
[2] ・Malaysia
([Note 2]) For nationals of Malaysia (since July 1, 2013), visas are not required only for holders of ePassport in compliance with ICAO standards. Those who do not hold such ePassport are advised to obtain a visa in advance, otherwise will be strictly examined and may be refused entry to Japan.
It is your responsibility to make appropriate action to obtain the VISA on time.
[1] Send us the complete VISA information form indicated below no later than Sep. 24, 2015.
[2] Bring the received documents from us, VISA APPLICATION FORM TO ENTER JAPAN , and the STECH2015 information (poster, web page etc) to your nearest Embassy of Japan/Consulate-General in YOUR HOME COUNTRY for VISA application.
・ (Note1) The Japanese VISA is not an open VISA. You have to reserve an airplane and a hotel at first.
・ (Note2) It sometimes takes more than a month to obtain a VISA after the application.
・ (Note3)The letter of invitation for VISA application does not provide any financial support.
1. To start the process, send us the VISA information form + photo-copy of your passport (pages with your photo and passport number) to no later than Sep.24, 2015.
Download Visa Information form
2. You have to prepare VISA APPLICATION FORM TO ENTER JAPAN by yourself after you receive the documents from us.
We will confirm your visa information form, and will send the certificate to only the participants who complete the online registration and payment.
The STECH2015 Secretariat will use the personal information (name of applicant, contact information, email address) only for the purposes of VISA applying documentation to enter Japan. The said information will not be employed beyond this scope of intended use. Personal information will never be provided to third parties and will be strictly supervised to ensure the proper handling by the STECH2015 secretariat.